To the Syrian citizens living in Japan

Dear Syrian friends,
We, members of Japan Syria Association have started Sakua project last year. And in last March, we have planted 100 Sakura saplings in Syria (Damascus, Homs, Aleppo and Golan Heights, etc.). Sakura, Cherry blossom, is Japanese National flower.

The Sakura project's objective is to strengthen ties between Japanese and Syrians and to enjoy exchange cultural activities.  Our association aims at creating opportunities to build a fruitful relationship between both countries.  

We were supposed to plant 3000 Sakura trees within five years. But we had to suspend the project this year because of the civil war in Syria today. 

All members of our association love Syria very much. Some of them traveled to Syria more than once. Some have lived and grew up in Syria and some were working as JICA youth or senior volunteers in Syria.

Our Japan Syria Association is neutral (non political and non religious affiliations). We suppose that Syrians who live in Japan are having hard time; therefore we would like to extend our support and our helping hand to them all.

I am Yoshitaka Sato, representative of the association. I hope you think of me as a friend. I am available to meet with Syrians living in Japan. Please feel free to send me your e-mail.
We hope you enjoy your staying in Japan. 
E-mail address:,
Both addresses are available.

Yoshitaka SATO
Representative of Japan Syria Association,
Prof. of Mathematics at Shibaura Institute of Technology